The Innovation 4.0 Institute is a not-for-profit organization aiming at enabling hi-tech startup industry sector in Central Europe.

The Innovation 4.0 Institute specializes in technological innovation, consulting pertaining to the whole life-cycle of early and late stage technology companies, and investment in hi-tech firms and startups - operating in countries of the Central Europe.

Established by hi-tech industry executives from Silicon Valley (CA) with a broad range of technical expertise ranging from electronic hardware, software, communication, etc. Hundreds of years of experience in the hi-tech sectors of industry to include start-ups, joint ventures, major multinational corporations, and venture capital and private equity firms.

We specialize in diverse sectors of industry and technologies rooted in electronics, software, communication, and mechatronics, as well as integration technologies and solutions for energy systems, factory and plant automation, transportation systems including in-vehicle communication and automation, and urban automation.